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Sunday, May 2

7:00am EDT

8:00am EDT

402. Teaching the Geography of Quebec Pre-recordedJayne Abrate 405. Creando Comunidad: Language-Based Strategies for Community Engagement for Spanish/Nursing Students Pre-recordedElizabeth Fouts, Ph.D. • Marigen Learnard 406. Bridging Proficiency and Culture Through Virtual and Augmented Reality Pre-recordedIkuko Yoshida • Noëlle Rouxel-Cubberly, Ph.D. 407. How to Modify Your Activities for Students with an IEP Pre-recordedAhmed Salem • Hala Abdou 408. Equity for All: Social Justice in the WL Classroom Pre-recordedSuzanne Pezzulli 409. Teach Big Ideas, Even with Small Words Pre-recordedChela Crinnion 411. Using Global Challenges to Foster Community Engagement Pre-recordedCarolyn Sanchez 412. Social Justice across Cultures in Media Pre-recordedKate Park 413. The edTPA in World Languages: Information, Experiences and Discussion Pre-recordedErin Kearney • Michael Nusbaum 414. Student Choice in Project-Based and Integrated Performance Assessment Models Pre-recordedAndrea Sell 415. Diversity and Equal Representation in the Spanish Heritage Language Classroom Pre-recordedEva Gomez Garcia 417. Harvest of Empire- The Untold Story of Latinos in America Pre-recordedClaudia Decker • Eva Castillo-Turgeon 418. Activities, Engagement and Assessment Pre-recordedWeiwei Hsieh 419. Beyond Boal- Developing Student Voices and Social Justice Through Theatre Pre-recordedEllen Lokos • Helen Freear-Papio, Ph.D. 420. Designing Language Programs for Persistence Pre-recordedSharon Wilkinson, Ph.D. 422. Latinx Voices, Agents of Change, Policy Makers, Emerging Classroom Leaders Pre-recordedAbelardo Almazan-Vazquez • William Yepes - Amaya 425. Les registres de language : un révélateur social. Pre-recordedAlexandra Borer, Ph.D. • Pascale Crepon • Samuel Skippon 427. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Language Acquisition Pre-recordedHayet Bensetti, Ed.D. 429. How We Incorporated Social Justice Topics into Japanese Language Education Pre-recordedHiromi Miyagi-Lusthaus • Naemi Mcpherson • Noriko Sugimori, Ph.D. 430. Teaching About Racism and Stereotypes in Short German Language Film Pre-recordedMohamed Esa • Ingrid Zeller 431. How to Amplify Student Voices Through Socratic Seminars Pre-recordedChristina Margiore 432. With a Little Help from Our Friends! Pre-recordedSuzanne Cook 435. Redefining Digital Language Learning Techniques Pre-recordedMelissa Wells • Rochell Alves 436. Equitable Implementation of Seal of Biliteracy: Lessons from Hartford, CT Pre-recordedDaisy Torres • Kimberly Winfield 437. Teaching Diversity and Inclusion in Chinese Classrooms Pre-recordedBaocai Paul Jia • Carol Chen-Lin, Ph.D. • Lucy Chu Lee • Yulan Lin, Ph.D. 438. Fighting White Supremacy in the French Classroom Pre-recordedJulia Spiegelman 439. Voice and Power in Grimms' Fairy Tales Pre-recordedNancy Johnson 440. Maintaining a Strong German Program Pre-recordedJoseph Carosella • Kirsten Borger • Tracy Prebish 441. Diversity in Competitive Scholarship Applicants: Strategies for Success Pre-recordedDaniel Villanueva, Ph.D. • Max Flescher • Rachael Agnello 442. Service Learning: Building Authentic Language Connections in the Community Pre-recordedHeather Way • Tancee Brodeur-Sassi 443. Maximizing Interpersonal Speaking Skills Pre-recordedCherie Garrett 445. Voices Through Murals- Breaking Down Barriers for Intercultural Competence Pre-recordedAmina Shabani, Ph.D. • Viktoria Hackbarth, PhD 446. ¿Y mis abuelos, dónde están? Activities for Communication Across Generations Pre-recordedLuisa Piemontese 447. Interactive Games and Communicative Strategies for Online Synchronous Instruction Pre-recordedSara Villa • Marlenys Villamar 448. Widening Students’ Horizons Through Critical Thinking Activities Pre-recordedHye Young Shin • Haewon Cho • Jae Hong Lee 450. También podemos aprender español: Estrategias para Asperger, ADHD y Dislexia Pre-recordedLisi Barros-Sehringer 451. Work in Progress: Social Justice in Teacher Training Pre-recordedChris Hoffman • Jutta Schmiers-Heller • Nate Wagner • Silja Weber 452. Increasing Social Justice Awareness within Your Curriculum Pre-recordedMariana Álvarez Torres • Cortney Dávila 453. How Can We Help? 25 Seal of Biliteracy Questions Answered Pre-recordedLinda Egnatz 454. Resources for Learner Centered Instruction and Planning Pre-recordedBetsy Hart • Matt Coss 455. Peaceful Brigade: Foster Empathy and Boost Oral Production Pre-recordedMaureen Magnan • Borja Ruiz de Arbulo 456. La Nueva Canción Chilena and Social Justice Movements Pre-recordedMarisol Galarza-Ruiz 458. Diverse Perspectives of Social (In)justice in Text, Film, and Song Pre-recordedAlexandra Reuber 459. Making Telecollaboration Work Pre-recordedTheresa Schenker, Ph.D. • Angelika Kraemer 460. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome: How to Increase Student Engagement Pre-recordedKim OuYang 461. Social Justice Through the Lens of Literature Pre-recordedSr. Mary Helen Kashuba, SSJ, DML 462. The Refreshed ACTFL/CAEP Standards for WL Teacher Preparation Pre-recordedTeresa Bell, Ph.D. 463. Technology Updates: See Familiar Tools in a New Light Pre-recordedSarab Al Ani 464. Weekly Chats with a Refugee: Connecting Across Borders Pre-recordedOlivia Grugan 465. Action! Using Drama to Build Communicative Skills Pre-recordedRebecca Klassen 466. ‘Pachas en Peru’: Videos to Discuss Social Justice in Peru Pre-recordedBeth Pachas 467. Finding Social Justice in Authentic Chinese Materials Pre-recordedCarol Chen-Lin, Ph.D. • Janice Dowd, Ed.D. • Lucy Chu Lee 468. Representing, Embracing, and Celebrating Latinx Communities Pre-recordedIvania Marinero 469. Nurturing the Growth of a Student Teacher Pre-recordedElvira Morse • Jenny Maldonado • William C. Anderson 470. Interculturality: Where to Begin? Pre-recordedJean Copeland
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